TOP-D Tournament Rules

  1. All games will be played in compliance with rules and regulations of KNVB (Dutch Football Association) and it’s District South II.

Games duration is 2 x 18 minutes.

  1. Tournament opening is on June 11th at 10.00 AM
  2. Players allowed to participate on this tournament are born on or before January 1st 2009.

Amateur clubs can get dispensation to enter players born on or before January 1st 2006.

  1. Every participating club is required to report at least half an hour prior to opening of the tournament at the Tournaments-committee office.
  2. Every participating club is required to present a list of participating players, stating full names and birth dates,

up to a maximum of 18 players per team. This list is to be handed over to the Tournaments-committee.

  1. The referee can show a yellow or red card. Penalty for a yellow card is a 5 minute expel during the game.

A second yellow card in the same game is an automatic sending off. The player is automatically banned for the next game

A more severe punishment can be imposed, according to the severity of the offense, this is to be judged by Tournament-committee and Referee-committee.

  1. During this Top D Tournament teams are placed in two leagues, the team with the highest amount of points scored is the winner.
  2. In every league each team will play every opponent once.
  3. If teams end with an even amount of points, winner will be decided by goal difference.
  4. If goal difference is equal, than the goals scored will decide.
  5. If there is still no winner, the mutual result will decide the winner.
  6. In case that there is still no winner, a penalty shootout will be held between these two teams.

Penalty shootout consist of each team taking 5 penalties taken by 5 different players.

  1. if after 5 penalties, still no decision is reached, the shoot out will turn into a sudden death.

A player can only take a second penalty after all entered players have taken a penalty, the goalkeeper is to be included.

All these according rules and regulations of KNVB

  1. In case the so called cross-finales end in a draw, a penalty shootout will decide the winner, regulations in accordance of rule 8 D en E.

10.If the final ends in a draw, extra time of 2x 5 minutes will be played, if still no winner is reached a penalty shootout will decide the winner.

Regulations in accordance of rule 8 D en E

11.Every team is allowed to make use of 5 substitutes and only one goalkeeper per match;

12.Every team is required to have a spare set of shirts available. Colours will distinct of original team club/team colours.

The team, stated as the home-team is required to play in official club-colours.

13.In case a team has participated with illegal player(s), this team is to be disqualified. Points scored will be deducted.

Any won prize is to be returned at Tournament-committee.

14.Every participant has to comply with the time schedule of play. Teams must report at least 5 minutes before kick-off of their game !

15.The organizing club RKSV IVO, is not to be held responsible for losing or damage to any valuable items of participating players or team staff.

She is also not to be held responsible for any injury sustained prior, during or after all of the matches.

16.If properties of RKSV IVO or Venlo Town Council are damaged or harmed in any way. Offender(s) will be held responsible for costs of repair or renewal;

17.All teams are kindly requested to attend at opening ceremony and prize giving ceremony.

18.In all cases which can not be anticipated, the Tournament committee decides.